Australian Impact Report 2022 Launched

Australian Impact Report 2022 Launched

We are pleased to share details of recently published Australian Impact report 2022, launched by the Australian and New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Strategy. Members of the Strategy Collaboration wrote the report to provide an update on research, projects, and opportunities in Australia that has occurred since the induction of the Strategy in 2020.

Structured under four goal areas: Prevention and cures, Intervention and disability support, Health and well-being, and Inclusion and engagement the report contextualises the progress and opportunities within the national economic, political, social environment of cerebral palsy in Australia. Each included project area provides a status update as well as including a “what’s next” section to recognise how each project can be best supported.

In summary,

  • There are a wide range of projects that are currently achieving Strategy goal areas,
  • However, more support can be provided to further the research, projects and opportunities improving the environment of cerebral palsy in Australia.
  • Ultimately, the report guides key decision makers to deliver support, promote excellence in research, leverage funding avenues and enhance community knowledge.

The full publication as well as a Summary document is available to read here and on our Resources page.

Australian Impact Report 2022

Australian Impact Report 2022 Summary